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Requiring no advertising, Thailand is a trip through sensual paradise. Your travel agent will never be able to exaggerate the wonders and beauty of this Southeast Asian country.

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The tropical paradise of the Maldives, reputedly one of the world’s top dive sites, may be lost in 50 years due to global warming. We recommend that you get there before it’s too late.

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Just before dawn, the mist from the Seine drifts lightly into the city, clinging in shreds to stately bridges and capturing Paris in its famed black-and-white essence. Cobbled streets are calm and empty.

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Years ago, I was climbing Devil’s Tower. The place is frequented by tourists who take pictures and send postcards and scramble about on rocks, because there is something endearing and slightly accidental about a single tower of rock in the middle of Wyoming’s eastern plains. It was late in the day, and someone of less youthful indiscretion would have been concerned that we would later be rappelling 700 feet in the dark. Instead, I was eating a sandwich and watching a minivan slowly circle the parking lot. The minivan didn’t stop. But a passenger held a video camera out the window and cataloged the fluted columns of rock, small children in sandals, and park rangers in creased polyester. 

So on some video somewhere, Devil’s Tower is catalogued between the sign at South Pass and the Corn Palace. It’s crossed out in the guidebook. The video captures something unsettling about the endeavor of travel. It is planned and packaged with a fervor that obscures the substance. Travel is confused with logistics and then captured from moving minivans. This packaging is aided by technology that has facilitated a proliferation of logistics. Indeed, there is a benefit to travelers; it is increasingly easy to plan and research adventure – to travel safely and wisely. We have embraced this proliferation with some sense of entitlement to its practical implications, and to its inherent order.

But travel has none of the order of logistics. It’s unpredictable and has ragged edges. It has the ambiguity of the shy smile from a fat woman near Dubrovnik, the enduring warmth of children laughing in Tostado, and the disarming generosity of a shared meal in Nanjing. But it doesn’t have any order, and that really is the point because experience tends to intrude on order. It does not fit neatly on the pages of guidebooks and brochures. The disorder is valuable; technology brings closer the darker corners of the world but leaves them oddly mute. It’s fat women in Russia and cab drivers in China, the self-conscious silence of Geneva and the smell of mud in Mandalay that give voice to the substance of travel. 

World Travel Direct leaves logistics to more informed people with boardrooms and buzzwords. Our job is to present the story of people creating a geography defined more by experience than by grids, numbers and connection speeds. They are adventurers and explorers, but mostly they are talented writers and photographers whose efforts capture what is left silent by a world that moves too quickly to fully capture experience.

Choose between a safari in Zimbabwe and a trip through the frigid Trans-Siberian Railroad by browsing our extensive coverage from the comfort of your own home, then click on any book image and buy a guide to take out on the road with you. We want to make your travel planning as easy as possible.

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Ibiza, the tiny island heaving with more clubs than Tiger Woods, just got busier. Amid the media whirl, this summer promises an explosion of experimental new venues and nights - plus the legendary superclubs and the ubiquitous house/trance. Party har
» Cook Islands: Ready, Steady, Cook 2012-01-19
The bountiful Cook Islands are a taste of paradise. Providing, of course, you avoid Aitutaki?s plummeting coconuts and giant crabs. Neighbouring idyll Atiu is tiny. So small, in fact, that everyone remembers your name - and that?s depite the drinking
» Syria: Road to Damascus 2012-01-11
Beyond the heat and unease lies a Damascus steeped in religion, yes; but also with casual dress, alcohol and a quiet joy.
» Emotional Escapes 2012-01-10
Going on a self-development holiday isn?t an escape - here it?s essential to pack your problems. But, after a few days of shamanic tapping, it?s likely that you?ll leave with less baggage.
» Guyana: Spears of Destiny 2012-01-09
Guyana is the little-known South American locale boasting rainforest that looks a bit like broccoli and golden frogs, as well as the staggering Kaieteur Falls.

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