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federal budget guidelines for travel abroad

i want to travel to cyprus economically, and i heard that the u.s. government sets budget guidelines for its employees who travel abroad. is there a way for civilians to access them?


From: Martin Koot

yes. the spending guidelines, or per diems, for federal employees are divided into expenses for lodging and for meals/incidentals for both domestic and international destinations. bear in mind that lodgings are defined as "adequate, suitable, and moderately priced facilities"?by no means luxury travel, since taxpayers are footing the bill. rates for cyprus vary by region: for the limassol area, the per diem is $172 ($111 for lodging, $61 for meals and incidentals); for nicosia, it?s $139 ($79 and $60). for the rest of the country, the total varies: $133 from november through march and $145 the rest of the year. compare that with per diems of $100 for reykjav?k, $260 for paris, and $93 for boise. foreign per diem rates are listed at


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