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was the statue of liberty intended for egypt?

on a recent trip to egypt, i was told by a guide that the statue of liberty was commissioned by the french during their rule there, but was eventually given to the united states instead of to egypt. i didn't believe it until i saw how much liberty looks like other statues there. is it true?


From: Martin Koot

not exactly, although there is a connection. according to the librarian at the statue of liberty national monument, egypt was a popular destination for the french elite of the mid-1800s, even though the french occupation was long over. one visitor was the sculptor fr?d?ric-auguste bartholdi, who was so inspired by the monuments of the nile region that he proposed to construct, at the mouth of the suez canal, an enormous statue of a robed, veiled woman holding a sacred flame. the khedive was intrigued, but funding fell through and the idea was shelved. in 1876, when france commissioned bartholdi to design a sculpture to commemorate the centennial of the american declaration of independence, he used his prototype, minus the veil.


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